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SSI Am I Eligible to Receive Social Security Disability Benefits In Pennsylvania

To be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, you must have physical or mental health impairments (or a combination of impairments) severe enough to keep you from working in any regular, paying job for at least 12 months. The severity of your disability is not measured by whether or not you are able to go back to your old job, and it is not based on whether or not you have been able to find a job lately. Rather, the test is whether you are capable of performing jobs available in the local and national economies. See: Social Security Disability Lawyer PA Additionally, claimants must be 18 or older and must have worked and paid Social Security taxes long enough to qualify for benefits.

You can apply for disability benefits online here. In order to complete your application for benefits, there is certain information you will need to gather, including a list of all the doctors that you treat with, dates of treatment, a list of your medications, and your work history for the past fifteen years. It is also helpful if you have access to your medical records. Once you have applied, the Social Security Administration will evaluate your claim and take into account your medical impairments, your age, your education, training and work experience.

Keep in mind that there are different rules for children’s claims. You can apply online for a child here.

Are you still unsure if you’re eligible for disability benefits? Do you have questions about completing your application? The experienced Social Security Disability lawyers at Metzger Wickersham can help. Contact our firm today for a free consultation. We can answer your questions and analyze the particular facts of your case under Social Security regulations.

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Steady decline in traffic fatalities reported: What California drivers should know

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A recent report by a federal agency reveals a promising trend: Car accident fatalities declined in 2011 for the sixth consecutive year. Last year’s number of highway deaths was the lowest since 1949.

A drop in the number of car accident deaths is certainly welcome news. Los Angeles personal injury attorney Mickey Fine has represented people seriously injured in car accidents. At the Law Offices of Mickey Fine, we have seen how devastating a serious injury can be for the individual who was hurt and his or her family.

The recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration includes preliminary projections showing that 32,310 people died in car accidents last year, a decrease of 375 deaths from the prior year. In 2005, there were 43,510 highway deaths, according to the NHTSA.

The reasons behind the reduction include high seat belt use, safer cars and safer roads, according to Jonathan Adkins, spokesman for the Governors Highway Safety Association who was quoted in the Washington Post. He also cited continued high gas prices and high unemployment as factors in the steady slide in car accident fatalities.

He said the Association also suspects that people, including inexperienced teenage drivers, are not taking as many optional trips. And the increased use of cameras to catch speeders and drivers running red lights has been considered a factor for reducing accidents.

The federal agency is still awaiting state data to calculate final numbers for 2011. In 2010, the death count increased by 97 when the revised tally was released in December of last year, according to the Washington Post.

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Drivers Show Disconnect in Attitudes about Distracted Driving Charlotte News 6 NC

How many times have you been cut off in traffic, or watched another driver run a stop sign, only to notice that the driver was talking on a cell phone?

How many times have you yourself started to veer toward other cars when you stumbled to reach your cell phone or tried to respond to a friend’s text?

Most drivers recognize that cell phones are a distraction that can be dangerous on the road. Yet few drivers want to give up the convenience of ‘talking or texting while theyre driving.

An article in USA Today reports that the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 94 percent of drivers think that texting while driving is a “serious threat” to safety and that 87 percent of drivers are in favor of texting bans. However, more than a third of drivers also admitted to reading texts or e-mail while driving, and nearly 70 percent said that they talk on their cell phones while driving.

Cell Phones and Safe Driving

Data about the dangers of texting or talking on a cell phone while driving is unclear. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that cell phones were a factor in about 13 percent of fatal crashes See: car accident lawyers Charlotte North Carolina last year, officials note that reporting is unreliable. Drivers are not likely to report that they were engaging in risky behavior while driving, such as talking on a cell phone or texting, especially if those behaviors have been banned in that region.

USA Today reports that the National Transportation Safety Board called on states in December to ban handheld and hands-free cell phone use while driving.

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Bakersfield Talks Los Angeles

A new study, however, indicates that teenage girls are engaging in risky driving habits. Young women, in fact, were around twice as likely as young men to use electronic devices while driving, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The study also determined that females were 10 percent more likely to be observed engaging in other distracted driver behaviors, such as reaching for an object in the vehicle or eating or drinking.

Los Angeles personal injury attorney Mickey Fine, of the Law Offices of Mickey Fine, (Directions : Law Offices of Mickey Fine has represented seriously injured accident victims. An experienced car accident attorney, Fine has seen first-hand how devastating injuries can be to victims and their families.

Distracted driving has become an epidemic as more people use cell phones and other electronic devices. More than 3,000 highway deaths in 2010 were linked to distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s important for parents to talk with their teenagers about the dangers of using cell phones while driving or texting while driving.

Another study looking at gender and car accidents revealed that the number of young female drunk drivers is on the rise. In 2007, the risk of being involved in a drunk driving car accident was about the same for young female drinkers as it was for young male drinkers, according to the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. In 1996, a male under 21 was four times as likely as an underage female to get into a fatal drunk driving car accident with a blood alcohol concentration of .1 percent, according to the study.

It’s not entirely clear why more young women are getting into drunk driving accidents, but they may be taking more chances on the road than they had in the past, according to researchers.

While teenagers may cause accidents due to their inexperience as drivers or because they have engaged in risky behavior behind the wheel, some young people can become injury victims through no fault of their own. If you were injured, or a loved one was injured or killed due to someone’s negligence, it’s important to speak with an experienced attorney who can protect your rights.

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