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Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer or attorney Knoxville Tennessee : Accidental injuries Require Skilled Advocacy in Tn

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Knoxville Tennessee : Victims Need a Determined Personal Injury Lawyer

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Knoxville Tennessee

Medical malpractice victim, don’t be intimidated. Call (877) 496-6580 for the Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III.

Medical malpractice victims often stay silent, but don’t do it. If you think you may be a medical malpractice victim, for any reason, don’t be intimidated by huge corporate hospital officials or doctors who might take offense at your questions. It is your life at stake. Call the Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III today, at (877)496-6560 or contact us online for a free consultation. You deserve justice and help you go after it.

My name is Turner Howard, I’m an attorney in Knoxville Tennessee. And let me share with you a case that we had early on in our practice. It’s a medical malpractice case. And it’s a sad case, but it’s a case where we pushed forward very hard to make sure that the surviving family got a good and fair resolution to their case.

It turns out that a woman, mother of two daughters who had been a life long nurse and a life long smoker presents to her primary care provider for a routine checkup. He takes x-rays and notices on one of the x-rays a spot in her lung that was suspicious. He unfortunately forgets about that. Places the x-rays back in her chart and some nine or ten month later she calls him back for a revisit and asks him about the x-rays he took some nine or ten months before. At which point he says, opps I forgot about that, come back in right away.

They took more x-rays and this time it was discovered that the spot, the tiny spot some nine or ten months before had spread, was much larger and had spread into her system, though her lymph node system. And then she was basically terminal and she got worse and worse very quickly. Where as before, if they caught it some ten months before she would have been easily healed with the proper techniques. It had now become terminal and her life was going to come to an end.

When the daughters came to use after there mothers had died and consulted with us about what we could do about the matter, we took the case and we did a lot of research on cancer, consulted a lot of experts and then went to work. And flew all over the country taking depositions. We worked very hard on the case because we felt very sorry for not only what their mother had gone though but what the daughters had gone though in watching their mother die in that long painful process.

The bottom line was, in the end we got a very fair and just settlement with quite frankly a whole lot of money for the surviving daughters.

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WorkPlace Injury talk Injured on the Job in California?Orange County

Not every workplace injury that leads to a workers compensation claim in California is accompanied by the drama of an ambulance, wailing sirens, paramedics, a stretcher, a trip to the emergency room, a stay in the hospital and follow-up rehabilitation.

In Orange County, Riverside County and elsewhere, more and more workers are discovering that years of performing the same task over and over and over again – from typing to lifting boxes – can create painful repetitive stress injuries that lead to potentially permanent disabilities.

And that’s a problem under California labor law. Obviously, an injured worker deserves fair compensation. But the law is vague, providing no concrete timetable for when a worker must first report a repetitive stress injury. Unlike most accidents, such as being injured when scaffolding collapses, for instance, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact time of a repetitive stress injury because it slowly develops over years. Compounding the problem is that early symptoms may be either ignored as “minor aches and pains” or accepted as part of the “wear and tear” of years on the job. Soon enough, though, a repetitive stress injury – also known as a repetitive motion injury or cumulative stress disorder – can make the simplest of daily tasks, such as writing, an unbearably painful experience. See :

A accident lawyer Riverside County can offer a free initial consultation to workers who feel they are suffering from repetitive stress ailments. They often work on a contingency basis, meaning they do not collect any payment unless the injured person wins a settlement

A qualified and experienced workplace injury lawyer can provide the type of expert assistance required by people who have suffered injuries that cannot be definitively linked to a single incident. A lawyer who understands the peculiarities of California law can guide a client through the difficult workers compensation process. They can assemble a team of medical experts to testify about the causes of a worker’s injury and how they are legally entitled to workers compensation benefits. They can also act as an advocate to counter any claims made by the employer’s insurance company.

While repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome have gained in public awareness only recently, they are not limited to “modern” jobs that require a lot of keyboard work, such as data entry and other computer-related professions. Other occupations where people run a risk of similar injuries include factory or assembly line work, heavy lifting, driving a company vehicle, and operating power tools and equipment. The associated injuries can include back and neck aches, swollen joints, numbness in the hands and fingers, and knee, elbow or shoulder injuries.

Often overlooked is the emotional trauma that can further plague the victims of repetitive stress injuries. Unlike a so-called “major” injury, a cumulative stress disorder may be invisible in the sense that the symptoms – burning, tingling and aching sensations – are not readily apparent. As a result, a worker who may be in great pain sometimes faces accusations that they are faking an injury. Or they may be pressured to feel that they are personally responsible for what happened to them when, in fact, their employer failed to provide ergonomically safe work conditions.

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Across the country, the news media are reporting a rapid increase in lawsuits over the dialysis drug GranuFlo News

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