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At the Law Firm, our car accident lawyers are committed to helping people harmed in auto accidents in Chicago and across the state. We know how frustrating auto accidents may be for injury victims. We realize due to the fact we have worked alongside many injury victims and their loved ones and understand the importance of protecting their rights. We are ready to work hard to get victims the cash they truly deserve to pay for expenses, lost wages, suffering and pain along with other damages. If necessary, we can easily file an auto accident injury lawsuit in Chicago for you if we feel that is the best way to obtain compensation and closure. Our personal injury lawyers leave no stone unturned.Lawyer for car accident in Chicago

Each and every car accident injury differs. 2 victims who suffer brain or spinal injuries may have totally different outcomes following the incident. That is why each and every car accident should be meticulously investigated through our skilled Chicago, il auto accident lawyers. With the aid of leading specialists, we strive to find the truth regarding your automobile accident. We can next make use of the facts to generate a powerful lawsuit with one goal in mind: to aquire the financial recovery you deserve. We will not rest until justice is served! Auto accident injuries can include a wide variety of injuries, ranging from whiplash to head damage. No matter what form of car accident injury in Chicago you are going through, be sure you guard your legal rights at the earliest opportunity. Don’t let insurance agencies dictate what happens to you.

Serious Injury and Personal Injury Attorneys Chicago Illinois

There are various types of distracted driving – which is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Text messaging while driving a car is one of the most frequent and most dangerous factors behind distracted driving crashes. Texting while driving improves the risk of an individual triggering a car crash by over 20 times, according to recent reports. In some instances, some researchers have confirmed that sending texts while driving is equally as dangerous as driving drunk.

Chicago, il auto accident lawyers take a tough stance in opposition to texting when driving a car. We understand every car accident is different, which is why our attorneys thoroughly investigate every case we manage. In many cases, we demand phone information, examine police reports, visit the car accident scene along with speak with witnesses. Our attorneys leave nothing unturned! Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can take place anytime, anywhere: on I-55 at night, I-90 on a Sunday or any time of the week. But some car accidents happen more frequently than others. So why do car accidents occur? The most typical reasons behind car accidents are distracted driving accidents, driving while intoxicated crashes, driving too fast accidents, fatigued driving accidents and careless driving accidents.

Being aware what to do following a car crash could be difficult. Don’t be caught off guard. Speak to a Chicago, illinois car accident law firm who puts accident victims first. Email our law office. Call us and schedule a free case assessment. The sooner you give us a call, the earlier we are able to help you make your issues right.

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I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver – Florida Personal Injury Lawyer News – 781


Article: West Palm Beach Jury Awards $10 Million in Faulty Tire Lawsuit

4 years after a devastating automobile accident brought on vital personal injuries, a Palm Seashore jury has accorded the accident target $ten million in problems. The defendant, Continental Tire, was ordered to pay the multimillion dollar damage award because a faulty tire was responsible for the 2009 rollover crash that left the victim severely impaired.
Junkyard with old cars.

Wheel problems are a frequent reason for victims and accident harmed by malfunctioning car tires need to meet with an attorney for assistance. Because tire issues are so common, it is also important for drivers to understand how to protect themselves from a problem and how to respond if something goes wrong.

Tire Defects Can Cause Serious Injury

According to the Miami Herald, Continental Tire was found liable because its tires left the plant without being inspected.  The tire had 20,000 miles of tread left on it when it failed and was just four years into a six-year warranty. Unfortunately, the bead that holds the tire onto the rim of the vehicle was not formed properly and either no inspection occurred or this defect was overlooked.

The problem induced the wheel to fly off, leading to a rollover automobile accident that kept the 39-year-aged mother-of-three inside a coma to get a 30 days. After 17 surgical operations, 102 events of hospital stay and $1.5 million in health care monthly bills, the patient is currently property nevertheless in frequent ache and unable to carry lower a task or completely care for her family or themselves. The $10 million will allow on her behalf to repay the expenses as well as compensate her for misplaced revenue and ongoing pain and disability.

Article: Cracking Down on Distracted Drivers is Difficult But Public Education Can Help

Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous behavior, and more states than ever before are taking steps to try to reduce the number of people on the roads who are distracted by cell phones and electronic devices.  In fact, the Governors’ Highway Safety Association (GHSA) released a report entitled “2013 Distracted Driving: Survey of the States” indicating that there has been a 45-percent increase in the number of states with texting bans in place for all drivers as compared with just three years ago.
Cell phone and distracted driving image.

Florida became one of the states with a texting law this year when Governor Scott signed a texting ban into law after five years of attempts to get such a law passed.   Florida’s ban is relatively weak, allowing for drivers to text when stopped in traffic or at traffic lights and making texting a secondary offense with a fine of only $30 plus court costs for a first-time offender.   Still, the fact that texting is now illegal means that those injured in a texting accident may have an easier time of recovering compensation with the help of a lawyer.

Article: NHTSA Taking Steps to Prevent Car Accidents Due to Vehicle Safety Issues

Our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers know that problems with malfunctioning vehicles can be incredibly dangerous and can significantly increase the chances of an accident occurring. Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware when their vehicles are recalled or when a safety issues develops with their vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is taking steps to solve this problem by making it easier for car and truck owners to check and see if their cars have been recalled and if their vehicles have been fixed following a prior recall.

I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver

The dangers of drunk driving have been widely known for decades. Even so, many people still choose to get behind the wheel of a car and drive even though they have had too much to drink. When they do and they cause an accident, these reckless drivers need to be held accountable for their actions.

NHTSA Aims to Prevent Defect-Related Car Crashes 
According to Autos Insider, a highway funding bill signed into law last July required the NHTSA to put a new database in place that will allow the 240 million car and truck owners throughout the U.S. to search a database of recalled vehicles.

The NHTSA has introduced that it is working to full the database and this the time frame for conclusion is not any in the future than October 1. Some indicate that this time frame is even quicker along with the NHTSA has recently advised regulations that will need sizeable amount automobile makers to send VIN figures towards the federal government when an auto is recalled.

The idea is that vehicle owners will be able to enter the VIN number into the database both to see if their vehicle has been subject to any recalls and to see if a car with a recall has already been repaired. This is crucial the two to drivers who wish to ensure their vehicles are secure as well as to individuals who purchase used or older automobiles and who want to know about the recall and fix history.

West Palm Beach Lawfirm

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Are Seattle And Tacoma Drivers Among America’s Worst? – Article 581


Drivers in Seattle and Tacoma have a better chance of being involved in car crash than the American average driver, according to a recent study conducted by Allstate Insurance on America’s safest driving cities.


The study, titled “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report,” is the insurance giant’s ninth annual snapshot into the best – and worst – driving cities in America. Our car accident lawyers in Tacoma know that auto accidents are more likely in densely populated areas, but drivers can take steps to reduce the risk of a crash.

Survey finds Seattle drivers face increased accident risk

Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report ranks cities based on their population and Allstate car accident claims in the cities. With up to 10% of all drivers nationwide insured by Allstate, the study has offered valuable insight into the causes – and locations – of car accidents nationwide for a decade.

Seattle ranks 160th out of America’s 200 largest cities. The study found that when compared to the national average, Seattle drivers were 28.8 percent more likely to be involved in an accident. Coming in at 144th on the list, Tacoma fared slightly better, with drivers facing a 23.9 percent higher chance of being in a crash compared to the national average.

In comparison, drivers in the nation’s top-ranked cities – Fort Collins, CO and Boise, ID – faced accident risks which were nearly 30 percent less than the national average, revealing a striking spread between the nation’s best and worst cities for drivers.

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America’s Worst Drivers

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When a Liable Party Has No Insurance, Who Pays For Damages? – Blog 462


Car accidents are expensive. While property loss can be tens-of-thousands of dollars, costs mount even more quickly if the accident causes injury. For example, brain injuries – which are especially common in auto accidents – can necessitate rehabilitation that isn’t necessarily covered by health insurance. The USA Today reports costs at $600-$800 per day.  Unfortunately, as the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association reports, one American is treated in an emergency room for car accident injuries every 10 seconds. This means many people are incurring high medical bills each day because of auto accidents.

At the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone, our Boston uninsured accident lawyers know that an accident victim’s own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage can provide limited coverage for medical bills, no matter who was to blame for the accident. Massachusetts is one of 12 states which requires no-fault insurance, and the policy you’re required to buy when you register your car can cover up to $8,000 in medical costs if you have no health insurance when involved in an accident.

However, if your costs and losses exceed the no-fault limits and/or if you were seriously hurt in an accident caused by another party, it is important to understand who covers costs when a liable party has no insurance.

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Uninsured Motorist

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