Brain injury, or Traumatic brain injury, can be life-altering and also life-threatening. It occurs when the brain is injured often as a result of an auto wreck. If the trauma causes damage to the skull itself, such as a crack or break, the injury is considered a penetrating head injury. More difficult to diagnose are closed head injuries, in which the brain is injured but the skull remains undamaged. This can happen due to an an impact, or from severe back-and-forth shaking, such as whiplash. Such events can take place in: car and truck accidents, fall downs or on the job injuries.

Personal injury attorneys Boston Massachusetts : Brain injury From a Car Accident as a Pedestrian

After meeting with her and talking with her and her family I realized although she wasn’t requiring treatment for her physical injuries, she was still suffering some other injuries, specifically trouble concentrating, headaches and some trouble in school. Due to my experience with prior clients having head injuries it became clear to me that this client was likely suffering from a tramatic brain injury.

She needed to get into a tramatic brain specialist so they could properly treat her, diagnose injuries and help her get back to where she was before the accident. Without our office really talking to the family and going though her history and realising that she was suffering much more of an injury then the physical injuries and that she was suffering a traumatic brain injury, this young woman likely would not have gotten the proper medical treatment, might not have recovered from this injuries and would not have not been compensated for the full extent of the brain injuries that she suffered in the accident. Because we were able to guide her in the right direction and she was able to recover from these injuries and we were also able to get her a six figure policy limit settlement on her case.

Sometimes people experience a recovery after their brain is injured, but in severe cases, brain injury can lead to permanent disability or wrongful death. It can lead to paralysis, seizures, memory loss, impaired communication skills, and many other disabilities. Victims suffer from psychological and emotional stress of the loss of independence, time away from work and family challenges. At the least, victims often require medical care that is ongoing and costly. Injured in an accident, you might need Personal injury lawyer Boston MA?

If you are suffering from the negligence of someone else, the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone, serving Boston and communities throughout Massachusetts, will fight for your rights, we fight for the rights of our clients. An experienced brain injury lawyer can assist you or your loved one in your case. Free case consultation.

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