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Buffalo Texting while driving survey cause for alarm

A recent survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that, despite increased legislation forbidding it, texting while driving Click Here is on the rise. The survey estimated that roughly 1 in every 100 drivers on the road at a given moment was texting, e-mailing, surfing the web or using some other feature of their portable handheld devices in 2010: a year that amassed nearly 3100 deaths in automobile accidents due to distracted driving.

The results of the survey are cause for alarm. At the Law Offices of James Morris, our Buffalo lawsuit have seen first-hand the devastation of distracted driving crashes in New York. Our attorneys have represented clients who were seriously injured in auto accidents due to the negligence of other drivers.

The data unveiled a drastic dissonance between driver beliefs and behavior. According to the NHTSA survey, those polled acknowledged very few circumstances where they would NOT talk or text on their cell phone while behind the wheel, despite supporting greater restrictions on both behaviors (seventy-one percent of survey participants supported bans on using handheld devices behind the wheel, while a whopping 94% supported bans on texting while driving). Seventy-five of those same drivers polled said they would answer their ringing phone while driving, without regard to driving conditions at the time of the phone call.

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Brain Injury Claim Types of medical difficulties associated with mind injuries

Distressing mind injuries (TBI), that are one of the most damaging kinds of accidents, usually completely impact the individuals existence and the individuals family life. Any mind injuries will be the results of an auto accident, the truck accident, bike accident or other form of traffic occurrence, but individuals can easily endure the TBI due to any sort of abrupt, violent setback to the head. For example, a fall in a resort due to a faulty hand railroad can lead to any TBI. In such a case, you may well be capable of document the premises responsibility state.See : Dallas personal accident lawyer

Kinds of medical difficulties associated with human brain damage

Human brain damage can lead to numerous health problems, including forgetfulness, disposition changes, hostile habits and headaches. Signs of human brain injuries following a major accident consist of, but aren’t limited by:

Loss associated with mind
Blood loss
Bruising of the human brain
See : Lawsuit for traumatic brain injury

Keep in mind that brain injuries signs may also end up being delicate. The sufferer may well not recognize she or he has continual any human brain injury till signs surface weeks as well as many years following your accident.

If you or a loved one suffered any TBI, you may well be eligible for settlement, which includes medical bills, loss of income, physical therapy, treatment as well as other possible damage.

For more brain as well as head trauma information, check out the next web pages on our own internet site:

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Put the power of a tough Texas lawyer on your side. Contact the Glenn Law Firm – the People’s Warrior!

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New York State teenage drivers more likely to have an auto accident in summer

Every mile driven by an adult, a teenager driver 16 to 19 years old is four times more likely to get into a car accident, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And while any time of year can be dangerous on the road, teens are much more likely to be involved in an auto accident during the summer. A recent study by AAA of accident data found that more deadly auto accidents involving teenage drivers happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day than any other time of year.

What would you do if you were injured in an accident caused by a teenager in New York State? You need a determined Buffalo NY accident lawyer on your side. You need the Law Offices of James Morris. The Best Injury Lawyer in Buffalo Ny at our firm can guide you through the complicated red tape often associated with such complicated accidents. We know the kinds of games insurance companies often try to play. They don’t intimidate us. We’re not afraid to vigorously fight for our clients’ rights. Put your trust in the Best Lawyer in Buffalo NY who puts people first. Contact the Law Offices of James Morris.

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Children Playground accidents, amusement park or swimming accidents law cases Buffalo Ny

The time in which to bring a claim is generally extended until the child is 21 years of age. The exceptions are medical malpractice dental malpractice and claims against municipalities. you may need to talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer In Buffalo. A shorter time period will apply in those cases.

A child is held to a different standard of care with the understanding that the child may not recognize danger. Automobile accidents cause injuries to children when they are passengers, when their parents or another car involved is in an accident, or when they are struck by a car. Playground accidents, amusement park or swimming accidents, and attacks by dogs are common causes of injuries to children. As a parent you have a responsibility to retain an attorney if your child is seriously injured. An early investigation may be required to prove the case. Even if the parent is partially responsible, the child may have a right to recover. Even if a serious injury to a child occurred years ago it may be worthwhile to consult a lawyer to determine whether the child has rights. A consultation is without charge and a claim may still be possible. We have helped a great number of children recover for their injuries. The court has to approve any resolution on the case. The funds are held for the benefit of the child or until the child is 18 years of age. If your child suffers a serious injury call the Law Office of James Morris for a free consultation. We have the experience and resources to help you: Watch this video

to read more about : Child Injury Lawyer in Buffalo Ny Go here.

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