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A Texas Alimony – Divorce Lawyer Austin

Whether you you were served with divorce papers or are filing for divorce. When you choose us to represent you, a committed divorce lawyer at our firm will guide you through every step of the divorce process. Our divorce lawyers take the time to understand your case and your needs. We know that there are legal and financial consequences to a divorce. We also realize that going through a divorce can be a difficult time in your life. With so much at stake, it’s critical you have someone experienced on your side who thoroughly understands Texas’ divorce laws.

In some situations, there may be one parent who is unfit to claim custody or conservatorship or even to have visits. This decision is often based on a history of violence, drug use, or a pattern of neglect. One of our family law attorneys can work with you to create the legal protections you need to keep your children in a safe environment.

There may be times after the divorce is finalized changes might need to be made to the custody arrangement. A Texas divorce lawyer at the Bertolino Law Firm can help you with those adjustments. Maybe one parent is in the military and will be deployed. Perhaps mom wants to move out of state, but the other parent doesn’t want to have such a physical distance placed between themself and the children. In some cases, a change in employment may mean that a new work schedule makes the current visitation arrangement no longer possible. Whatever issues you’re dealing with, we can help.

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Having an experienced, qualified attorney on your side, working just for you, can make all the difference in your case. Don’t take risks. You have too much at stake. Contact us and schedule a case evaluation. You can reach us at 512-476-5757 in Austin. Do you need a divorce lawyer Austin tx? You can also contact us anytime online. Whatever works best for you. You decide.

Protective orders often involve a wide range of legal issues. Contact the Bertolino Law Firm to discuss your legal options. The attorneys at the Bertolino Law Firm have years of experience handling complicated divorce cases. We’re aware of all the legal pitfalls people face. We can use this knowledge to mount a successful case and obtain the peace of mind you rightfully deserve. Timing means everything in domestic violence and protective order cases. The sooner you can obtain the protective order, the better. Bertolino LLP understands this. That’s because our attorneys have dealt with so many similar situations. Count on the experienced attorneys at our firm to act fast and build a solid case in a timely manner.

There might be times when engaging in mediated negotiation is is not right for a clients situation. Sometimes the communication has simply broken down beyond repair. However, if you are open to the idea of mediation this relatively amicable approach to creating a divorce agreement is an option. The Texas divorce lawyers at the Bertolino Law Firm are well-versed in this growing field of interest to people who want to reach a legal settlement in a way that avoids the high court costs that can arise out of litigation. During the mediation process, both parties come together with their own lawyers with the understanding that every effort will be made to reach an agreement through negotiation. If this proves unsuccessful, you have the option of resolving any remaining issues of contention through family court. Many judges encourage divorcing couples to attempt this process before coming into the courtroom.

Specific Texas laws exist dictating the determination of spousal maintenance, this is a legal term often used to refer to alimony in some states. In Texas there is no right to permanent spousal maintenance and no more then three years if it is awarded. Also, Texas spousal maintenance is not permitted to be part of the divorce settlement unless you have been married for at least ten years. Texas courts are more flexible in terms of asking for some support during the divorce process. This is known as temporary spousal maintenance and will often be determined based on need and the other spouse’s ability to pay.

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Texting and driving a dangerous combination. Get street smart, Georgia!

Georgia is one of 34 states nationwide that bans people from texting while driving. Distracted driving kills and injuries thousands of people nationwide every year. Even so, many people continue to text and drive because they think they can do both safely at the same time. Think again. A recent study revealed some startling information about the effects of texting on a driver’s reaction time. According to the study, drivers react twice as slow while texting.

What would you do if you were injured by a texting driver in Georgia? You need a determined personal injury lawyer on your side. You need the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates. Serving clients in Atlanta and throughout Georgia, our experienced distracted driving attorneys in Atlanta, GA take great pride in working on behalf of clients every day. We work tirelessly with one goal in mind: to get accident victims the compensation they rightfully deserve. Serious accidents demand serious attention. Contact an auto accident attorney in Georgia who will put your interests first. Contact the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates.

Results from the recent scientific study conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute revealed some shocking information. Using a closed road, the scientific test involved drivers attempting to read or write a text message while driving on an open road and a section of roadway lined with construction barrels. Throughout the test, drivers who were texting reacted much slower than the test subjects who were not texting. “It is frightening,” the researchers wrote, “to think of how much more poorly our participants may have performed if the driving conditions were more consistent with routine driving.”

Texting accidents happen fast on Georgia’s roads and highways. Don’t suffer in silence. If you’ve been injured in an accident, take action. Contact a Georgia accident attorney who will fight for your rights. Contact the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates. We’re on your side.


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3810A Atlanta Highway
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Chicago on list of American’s most dangerous pedestrian cities. Learn the facts! liquor liability lawsuit attorney Chicago IL

Attention Chicago pedestrians! Serious injury accidents happen all the time in Illinois. In 2010, a total of 114 people were killed and 5,013 were injured in pedestrian accidents in Illinois, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. Most pedestrian accidents (3,114) happened on busy “city streets and roads” in major urban centers like Chicago. That might explain why Chicago is the 38th most dangerous city in America for pedestrians, according to a recent New York Times article. Other American cities high on the list include Atlanta (11th), Birmingham, Alabama (16th), Baltimore (32nd) and Washington, D.C. (34th).

Pedestrian accidents happen fast. Knowing what to do can be difficult. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer Chicago IL who will fight for your rights. You need the Mike Slocumb Law Firm. Serving clients throughout Illinois, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Alabama, Atlanta and the rest of Georgia, our knowledgeable Chicago personal injury lawyers have dedicated their careers to helping pedestrian injury victims just like you. We understand what you’re going through after an accident. You might not be able to work. Bills pile up fast. And insurance companies can often be uncooperative. They don’t scare us. We’re ready to take on anyone who stands in your way to justice and get the compensation you rightfully deserve. We will carefully examine the details in your case. We regularly review accident reports to determine if the driver who injured you was breaking the law and put you in harm’s way. Put your trust in a negligent truck driver injury attorney Chicago IL who puts people first. Contact the Mike Slocumb Law Firm.

Pedestrian accidents often happen when you least suspect them. The vast majority (62 percent) of pedestrian injury accidents in Illinois in 2010 happened during daylight hours.

Serious accidents demand serious attention. Don’t leave your future to chance. If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, take action now! Contact the Mike Slocumb Law Firm. Your initial consultation is free. You don’t pay unless you win. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Mike Slocumb Law Firm – fighting for justice for you!

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Law News Woman dies 8 injured after exposure to odor at McDonalds-139


An 80-year-old woman died and several others were hospitalized after exposure to toxic fumes at a McDonald’s restaurant in Pooler, Ga., just west of Savannah, on Sept. 7, according to a report in CNN.

Emergency personnel responded to a call and found two women unconscious in a McDonald’s restroom. The first responders had to back out of the restroom and put on their breathing apparatus before re-entering, sources told CNN.

Nine people, including three firefighters, were treated at Memorial University Medical Center. One of the nine people injured died on Sept. 8: Anne Felton, of Ponte Vedra, Fla.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating the contamination. According to, the OSHA probe will focus on employees of the restaurant (OSHA is charged with ensuring workplace safety). One employee was sent to the hospital and 14 more had to be decontaminated, Pooler Fire Chief Wade Simmons told

Firefighters suspect the chemicals used to clean the restaurant bathroom made the nine people sick. However, a restaurant manager said people started getting sick hours after employees last cleaned the restrooms, according to

Others injured include Carol Berry, 56, of Jacksonville, Fla.; Sharon Barefield, 50, and her two sons, Troy Barefield, 19, and Justin Barefield, 22, all of Savannah.
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