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Personal Injury Lawyer – Edward E. Souweidane – Mount Clemens MI

Mr. Souweidane has received the highest rating (AV rating) for his legal ability and integrity by Martindale-Hubbell, a company which rates the legal performance and ethics of attorneys. He has also earned an excellent rating by AVVO based upon his experience, industry recognition and professional conduct within the legal community.

Attorney Souweidane was named as a Top Lawyer in Metro Detroit in personal injury by DBusiness magazine in 2010. Mr. Souweidane also was named to the Michigan Super Lawyers list in 2013 and 2014. Only 5 percent of the attorneys in Michigan are selected to Super Lawyers.

Personal Injury Lawyer – Edward E. Souweidane

Mr. Souweidane was named as a top lawyer in Detroit‘s Premier Business Journal, in Metro Detroit 2010. He is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards on behalf of his entire clientele.

When you contact Fraser & Souweidane, rest assured that your case is in the hands of an experienced legal team that was born, raised and educated in the greater Detroit area. Our AVVO-rated attorneys obtained their Juris Doctor degrees from prestigious Michigan law schools such as the University of Detroit, Michigan State University and Wayne State University and have worked tirelessly to protect the rights of accident victims in Detroit for a combined total of over 45 years. Case results matter at our firm. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and we have received numerous accolades from our peers as well.

It can be hard knowing what to do after you’ve been injured in an accident. The process of recovering from an injury can be difficult, but getting justice shouldn’t have to be. That’s why we fight aggressively for clients injured in car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents and more. We adeptly handle cases involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. We know that even seemingly minor accidents could leave you with long-term injuries, costly medical bills and lost wages from missing work. When your accident was caused by somebody else’s careless or negligent behavior, you should not have to pay. You could be entitled to compensation. Contact us at Fraser & Souweidane today to discuss your options with an experienced legal team that knows how to protect your rights. Call (866) 465-9095 for a free case consultation.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago Illinois 532

At the Law Firm, our car accident lawyers are committed to helping people harmed in auto accidents in Chicago and across the state. We know how frustrating auto accidents may be for injury victims. We realize due to the fact we have worked alongside many injury victims and their loved ones and understand the importance of protecting their rights. We are ready to work hard to get victims the cash they truly deserve to pay for expenses, lost wages, suffering and pain along with other damages. If necessary, we can easily file an auto accident injury lawsuit in Chicago for you if we feel that is the best way to obtain compensation and closure. Our personal injury lawyers leave no stone unturned.Lawyer for car accident in Chicago

Each and every car accident injury differs. 2 victims who suffer brain or spinal injuries may have totally different outcomes following the incident. That is why each and every car accident should be meticulously investigated through our skilled Chicago, il auto accident lawyers. With the aid of leading specialists, we strive to find the truth regarding your automobile accident. We can next make use of the facts to generate a powerful lawsuit with one goal in mind: to aquire the financial recovery you deserve. We will not rest until justice is served! Auto accident injuries can include a wide variety of injuries, ranging from whiplash to head damage. No matter what form of car accident injury in Chicago you are going through, be sure you guard your legal rights at the earliest opportunity. Don’t let insurance agencies dictate what happens to you.

Serious Injury and Personal Injury Attorneys Chicago Illinois

There are various types of distracted driving – which is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Text messaging while driving a car is one of the most frequent and most dangerous factors behind distracted driving crashes. Texting while driving improves the risk of an individual triggering a car crash by over 20 times, according to recent reports. In some instances, some researchers have confirmed that sending texts while driving is equally as dangerous as driving drunk.

Chicago, il auto accident lawyers take a tough stance in opposition to texting when driving a car. We understand every car accident is different, which is why our attorneys thoroughly investigate every case we manage. In many cases, we demand phone information, examine police reports, visit the car accident scene along with speak with witnesses. Our attorneys leave nothing unturned! Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can take place anytime, anywhere: on I-55 at night, I-90 on a Sunday or any time of the week. But some car accidents happen more frequently than others. So why do car accidents occur? The most typical reasons behind car accidents are distracted driving accidents, driving while intoxicated crashes, driving too fast accidents, fatigued driving accidents and careless driving accidents.

Being aware what to do following a car crash could be difficult. Don’t be caught off guard. Speak to a Chicago, illinois car accident law firm who puts accident victims first. Email our law office. Call us and schedule a free case assessment. The sooner you give us a call, the earlier we are able to help you make your issues right.

Personal Injury Lawyer

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Personal Injury Attorneys Toledo Ohio Accident wreck News 846

Ohio has unique personal injury laws. That’s why you need an Ohio personal injury lawyer who understandsthe state’s legal system. Our firm has more than 30 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer. He knows how toprepair your case for court. He has a strong track record. That’s why Gary Bloom of our firm is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

He’s an attorney who knows how to win big, but he’s also an attorney who can relate to folks in Toledo. You will rarely find attorney Bloom wearing a suit outside of a courtroom. He’s a real person not just a lawyer. Often, he wears jeans and makes house calls to meet with clients. Attorney Bloom is one of the most respected, hardest-working lawyers in the Toledo area. He fights doggedly for clients’ rights.

If you need help, try contacting a Personal injury lawyers Toledo.

Car accident needing a - Personal Injury Attorney Toledo
Law Offices Of Gary Bloom
520 Madison Ave, Suite 520
Toledo, OH 43604
Toll Free: 1-800-872-7119

If you have experienced personal injury due to Medical practice, you may need a lawyer. A doctor may not diagnose cancer or make some other type of diagnosing error. A nurse may administer the wrong medication to a patient. An anesthesiologist may administer an overdose.

Medical malpractice cases in Michigan and Ohio can have serious implications. Mistakes can have fatal consequences, which can be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. It’s crucial to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer. Our law firmcan help steer you in the right direction.

A Lansing wrongful death lawyer Gary Bloom can work with your family to make things right. Serving people throughout Michigan and Ohio, attorney Bloom has a well-earned reputation for being an honest, straight-talking personal injury lawyer. Attorney Bloom also knows how to get compensation for wrongful death for loved ones. The loss of a loved one can be a huge emotional blow.

To learn more contact a straight talking lawyer.

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Three women who were released from prison on Monday after spending more than a decade behind bars Breaking News451


Cassandra Rivera, center, relaxes with her mother and brother on Nov. 19 in San Antonio, Texas, one day after being released from prison.

Other moments have been more bittersweet. Ramirez said her mother told her about her dad’s final moments three years ago when he died at age 84. Ramirez had been on the phone with him from prison, and told him she and the others wouldn’t give up their bid for exoneration.

“My mom told me that a tear came out of his eye, and I said, ‘I love you, daddy’ and he took his last breath,” she said. “I do want to go see his grave and I want to just tell him, ‘Daddy we didn’t give up and that we’re all home.'”

Personal injury lawyers san antonio

During their time in prison, they had sent letter after letter to innocence groups and anyone who they thought could help them win exoneration. Along the way, they received many rejection letters and had many false starts.

The women, who weren’t incarcerated in the same facilities, described having to fend for themselves in prison (Vasquez and Ramirez were at the same correctional center for a short time).

Ramirez, the first to go to prison nearly 17 years ago, said she had never been in trouble in her life and was at first scared behind bars. Other inmates knew that she had been convicted of molesting girls and threatened to hurt her. But one reached out. “She took me under her wing and protected me. She schooled me about prison: you go do your time and this is how you do it,” she said.

“It was difficult to accept to be put in the same category as . real sex offenders,” said Vasquez, who couldn’t drive near places where children gather – like McDonald’s or church – under restrictions imposed after being paroled one year ago (those were lifted Tuesday morning).

Their imprisonment didn’t just take a toll on the women, their families endured hardship, too.

Ramirez is re-connecting with her son, now 18, who grew up with his dad. She said he didn’t want to expose him to prison, so her son didn’t visit her there.

“Sometimes as a mother you have to make a sacrifice just so he won’t have to go through what we’ve been through over all the years,” she said through tears.

But mother and son are swiftly making up for lost time. They had their first interaction on Monday night over pizza for dinner. Ramirez said she tried to make him feel comfortable, but they were both a little nervous.

Martinez said she would help however she could with the group’s bid to get a full exoneration and hopes she can still have a relationship with her aunt. “If she would want to have one with me after everything,” she said. “I want her to be a part of my children’s life just how she was a part of mine.”

Martinez’s older sister maintains the attack still happened. The four women said they don’t blame the girls and applauded Martinez for coming forward.

“I believe it was a brave thing for her to do. I’m very, very proud of her,” Rivera said.

Ramirez said she would accept her niece with open arms, “because that’s what love does. It’s unconditional.”

The women, who couldn’t have contact with each other in prison, enjoyed re-connecting since their release. They considered themselves family nearly 20 years ago – and that hasn’t changed.

“The comfort was still there,” Rivera said. “It’s falling right back into place, because we’re family.”

The next part of their journey will be pursuit of “actual innocence,” which is possible under Texas state law, though Ware said winning such a declaration was extremely rare. But the women said there is no stopping them.

“We want actual innocence because that’s what we are,” said Mayhugh, who spent nearly 14 years in prison. “We’re actually innocent.”

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