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Outgoing commissioner weighs in on problems with the disability process

On February 14, My Fox Phoenix published excerpts from an interview with Michael J. Astrue, the outgoing Social Security Commissioner. Astrue had harsh words for politicians in Washington. However, he also answered some important questions about disability benefits available from the Social Security Administration.

Our Flagstaff AZ disability attorneys were not surprised to hear many of the comments that Astrue made about how and why it is difficult to successfully apply for disability benefits. However, we believe it is important that everyone considering a benefits claim review the answers provided by Astrue to shed some light into what they can expect as they make a claim to obtain disability compensation.

Applying For Disability a Tough Process, Commissioner Reports

The main focus of Astrue’s comments was to caution that the future of the entire Social Security program is in jeopardy due to upcoming budget shortfalls. Astrue indicated that politicians generally treat the program as a political issue and that no one actually has made any substantive changes that could ensure the future longevity of this important program.

However, Astrue also answered some specific questions about disability benefits. For example:

Read The Comprehensive Account

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Accidents In Winter Snowmobile Accidents End up in Injury, Death, Lawsuits

Snowmobile Accidents Result in Injury, Death, Lawsuits

Maybe it’s because snowmobiles are also known as recreational vehicles. Whatever the reason, many snowmobile operators do not take their responsibilities seriously whenever they mount their sleds to take a ride, leading too often to serious injuries, fatalities and accident lawsuits in Maine courts over their reckless behavior.

Experienced accident lawyers say they see many parallels between snowmobile accidents along the state’s 13,000 miles of signed trails and highway crashes involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles among other vehicles.

Amongst the most common factors throughout all motor vehicle accident lawsuits is a driver’s unreasonable rate of speed. Like some motorcyclists, many Maine snowmobile drivers feel they have to feed their “need for speed” See : accident lawyer – the experience of the wind whipping over their bodies. However, the circumstances of riding a snowmobile – speeding along a slippery surface of snow or ice with limited braking ability – make it necessary to use extreme caution. The failure to use common sense and exercise defensive driving skills can change even a routine ride on the trails into a high-speed trip to a court date with a Maine snowmobile accident attorney.

Similarly, Maine snowmobile accident lawsuits often follow crashes involving a drunk driver whose thoughtless behavior is the cause of life-changing injuries or fatalities. The blood-alcohol limit for a snowmobile driver, like other motorists, is .08. Within the carefree playing field of snowmobiling, a great deal of people are in clubs that organize group trips with rest stops at local bars. A drink or two at each and every stop impairs judgment and slows the response time of even experienced snowmobile operators. Riding in a team with riders who drink also poses dangers, including raising the likelihood of crashing with another impaired driver and raising the chances of injuries while getting caught up in mimicking their high-speed, careless behavior.

Another danger cited by Maine accident lawyers is the fact that consuming alcohol accelerates a lowering of the body’s temperature. Along with the frigid outdoor environment, the operator runs the risk of hypothermia, which also impairs a driver’s judgment.

Poor judgment extends beyond driving behavior, Maine snowmobile accident attorneys note. Every winter, lives are lost and snowmobile accident lawsuits are filed when operators foolishly disregard the perils of traveling across ice. The thickness and strength of ice could differ widely on rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. Snow often creates a blanket that hinders the formation of thick, strong ice. Even a well-worn trail across water can give the false impression of safety if previous travelers have weakened the ice.

A Maine snowmobile accident lawyer knows that responsible operators can have the ability to protect themselves, their passengers and innocent bystanders by adhering to a few simple rules. Safety equipment, including a helmet with a visor or a set of protective goggles, as well as layers of water-repellent clothing, is very important. Carry a first-aid kid including a flashlight, knife, compass, map and waterproof matches.

And never, Maine attorneys say, travel alone. Few things are more dangerous to the life and well being of a snowmobiler than being injured without fellow riders around to provide or seek help.

When someone injured or lost a loved one because of a snowmobile driver who ignores common sense when operating a 500-pound machine, they will need to seek out a Maine snowmobile accident lawyer who has experience in protecting their legal rights and pursuing fair financial compensation.

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Videos Of Mike Slocumb Accident Lawyers Working For Chicago, Washington Dc, Alabama along with Georgia

Injured in a crossing the street? Please call for a free consultation: 1-800-WIN-WIN-1 To learn more about pedestrian car accidents:

Car Accident Lawyers Chicago

Video Transcript:
If you who have been a pedestrian and you have been hit by a car, you understand that the injuries can be devastating. Typically if a pedestrian is involved in a vehicle accident they don’t walk away from the scene. If you or a loved one has been hit by a car call the Mike Slocumb Law Firm we’ll give you a free consultation and we’ll explain your rights as a pedestrian.

We had a case just this past year that we handled with a pedestrian who was walking in the roadway. He was hit by an SUV and the insurance company predictably said “well, your client was walking in the road so he can’t recover because he was at fault for the accident.” We disagreed, we filed a lawsuit against the driver, we took the case to a jury and we won the case.

Why did we win the case? We won the case because we proved that the driver that hit our client had over twenty seconds after she first saw him to apply the breaks and she never applied the breaks. So even though he was in the road, she had the last opportunity to avoid the accident and she took no evasive action. The Jury agreed with us, we won the case and our client received the compensation he needed for the injuries that devastated his life.

In a pedestrian case just because you may not have had the walk signal, just because you may have been in the roadway, doesn’t mean that a recovery cannot be made. If a driver of an automobile has the last chance to avoid a collision with you, they must avoid the collision and if they don’t avoid the collision, they are responsible for your injuries. Regardless of what you were doing.

Mike Slocumb

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As New Oil Laborers Acquire Retiring Maritime Employees’ Work, Overseas Basic safety Fears Arise

A recent story on National Public Radio spotlighted the issue, saying that thousands of oil industry workers are nearing retirement age, leaving significant gaps in maritime worker ranks, both in terms of numbers and oil industry experience. The article identifies the origins of the situation as going back to the 1980s oil busts when crude prices dropped by more than half, forcing companies to let go of workers en masse. Many did not refill those positions as the industry regained momentum and now there is a chasm in the oil industry workforce as older maritime workers retire.

Weirton WV best injury lawyer in Weirton WV Honored to Offer Service,
Proud to Provide Results.At Recht Law Offices, our experienced attorneys and professional staff consider it our primary obligation to provide fierce representation.If you are entitled to money as
a result of harm or loss you’ve suffered, we will not stop working until you have received it, and you will not pay us one dime until you have been compensated.

need to resolve the matter.

Maritime injury lawyers believe the issue of offshore platform worker safety should be top priority as the oil industry replenishes its ranks. Incoming oil rig workers need to take extreme caution and heed all offshore safety training in order to avoid suffering a maritime injury in an offshore rig accident.

Proper training for all maritime jobs involves industry specific safety procedures and equipment, in order to protect offshore and maritime workers from drilling accident injuries and production platform injuries.

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